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More Tin Can Love

December 14, 2011

I created these food gifts for our big family gathering on Christmas Eve.  Each family will receive this dinner-in-a-bag gift to share.  The container for the soup mix is a 15 oz. can wrapped in paper, and secured with double-sided tape that hides.  If you didn’t want to make your own soup mix, you could buy some.  (I was in World Market recently, and they had a big selection.)  Another plus is you can make this gift a little ahead of time.  More time for other merry-making!


Street Fashion in NYC

May 26, 2011

In the Chelsea neighborhood, I spotted this stylish young man.  I asked him if I could take a picture of him and his scarf.  He told me his friend made it from a damaged sweater, and added some more artistic tearing to it along the way.  He then proceeded to ask me if I had a light.  I didn’t.  And I resisted from mentioning the evils of smoking.  He looked like he was twelve, but probably was older than that.  Yet I was flattered that he thught I was a possibly hip enough grandma to ask!

Charm Clusters

April 8, 2011

After a recent charm swap, I got inspired to group some of my charms into clusters.  The combinations were abundant.  And the mechanics super easy – jump rings and safety pins!  Each cluster is topped with a large jumpring or pin to slip onto a chain.  Here’s a sampling of them.

Pitching Ideas Project

March 9, 2011

Pitching ideas for magazine stories is a collaborative effort I am doing with my talented friend, Julie Sotomura of Photomura.  Talk about one + one = a stronger, more vibrant result! 

It all started when I was staging our previous home for sale using many of my found objects and upcycled projects, like the rusty creations in my blog banner.  The results were so striking that I asked Julie if she would be interested in photographing them, and together we could present them as a variety of story ideas to some national magazines.  Well of course, Julie took it to a higher level with the templates she designed to illustrate each idea.

Then we had a most fun play date transforming ordinary clipboards into fetching frames to present our ideas.  I’ll keep you posted on what results.

Salvage Garden Style

February 25, 2011

Please join me at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show on Sunday, Feb. 27 at 3:30 p.m. in the Rainier Room.  I’ll be presenting a fun and fast-paced seminar on Salvage Garden Style.  Lots of ideas, hot tips and pictures of garden styling using salvage, found objects, and really good junk.  From hip and modern gardens to rustic and natural.  Lessons I have learned the hard way, and a couple of chuckles too.

Funky Junk Judging

February 23, 2011


I  had the privilege of being a judge for the Funky Junk gardens at this year’s Northwest Flower and Garden Show.  I enjoyed sharing this fun gig with Matthew Levesque, author of The Revolutionary Yardscape.

The gardens are created by local high school students.  This background mural used green painted plastic bags to create an eye-catching dimension.

We really appreciated the use of native plants in this garden.

This design incorporated one-of-a-kind miniature homes to make its own inviting village.  Lots of individuality and effort went into these.

I was impressed with the effort and hard work these high school students put into their gardens.  And the excitement continued as I got a preview look at all the show gardens without the public throng.

The theme of this year’s flower and garden show is “Once Upon a Time…Spectacular Gardens with Stories to Tell”.  One of my favorites is Wish ‘Shoe’ Were Here, a take on the Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe.  Apparently the kids are grown, and now she is sporting a stiletto!  I’ll share more favorites in my next post.

And better yet, visit the show Feb. 23 – 27 and see it for yourself.  I’ll be speaking on Salvage Garden Style on Sunday at 3:30 p.m.  It would be terrific to see you there.

RE Store’s 10th Annual Recycled Arts & Fashion Show

January 24, 2011


Call for Recycled Art, Functional Designs or Trash Fashions

The RE Store presents the 10th Annual Recycled Arts & Fashion Show, the Pacific N.W.’s largest sustainable art happening, with four juried galleries, four trash fashion shows, hands-on workshops and more. Gallery partners include Allied Arts of Whatcom County, Western Washington University, New York Fashion Academy, Blowing Sands Gallery, Smith & Vallee Gallery, and The RE Store.

Submit your art, functional designs or trash fashions via the online web form by no later than March 4, 2011:

Learn more about the show and view online galleries from past years:

Penny Bowling Ball

January 19, 2011

Here’s a simple garden art project, that is wonderfully mindless.  Use a strong glue to attach your surplus pennies to a thrift store bowling ball.  It would be a great project to do with your kids on a rainy day.  For the glue, my favorite is made by Amazing Goop, and I use the Home and Garden or Marine formula, because they are UV resistant as well as waterproof.

This is an idea that has been around for ages.  I certainly didn’t think it up.  I put my penny bowling ball by our front door after our recent move.  So many visitors comment on how much they like it.  I like it because it requires zippo maintenance.  Although, during the move, it rolled out of my car onto the driveway (thank goodness, it didn’t damage the brand new paving), and three pennies fell off.  Not bad.  And gluing them back on went lickety-split.

Laundry Basket Holiday Vignette

December 3, 2010

Besides decorating our new home, I now am decorating it for the holidays.  Fun on top of more fun!  My arrangements are simpler, with more organic components.  I still have a soft spot for sentimental family things, and have found room in our small sunroom for my traditional red and green gems.  I’ll show pictures of it one day soon.

In our great room, I created this side table from a vintage laundry basket.  When the sides are folded down, and a glass top added – it makes a sturdy and just-the-right-height table.  And I can’t get enough of a vintage, industrial metal look these days.  The lamp is new – from my friend Lisa’s shop – Elegant Details in Mill Creek.  A couple of hand crafted Santas, a few natural elements, and a vintage wood box from France. 

I hope you are finding some time to enjoy some holiday traditions and activities too!