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Simple Bottle Wrap

December 12, 2011

Here’s a simple way to dress up a bottle of something to give as a gift.  I had made some ornaments a while back, and had one to spare.  A sparkly pipe cleaner was strung with a tree ornament and a jingle bell.  The ends were bent to together in a curly design, forming an oval shape.  I added a simple – like tying your shoelaces – bow.  The ornament slips over the neck of the bottle, and you are good to go!


My Favorite Chair

November 7, 2011

Whenever the sun shows up on these late fall mornings, I make some time to read in this sunny nook off of our kitchen.  The rocking chair belonged to my Grandma Evans, and I nursed both of my babies in it.  It is my favorite seat in our home.  This sitting down, and reading for a bit during the day is new for me.  It produces instant contentment.  Which equals instant new favorite routine.

Being Two Again

September 26, 2011

I feel very lucky to have this magic month with Claire.  Nearly every day I get to play on swings and go down all the slides with her at different parks.  Out in the garden, we look at honeybees, pick and immediately eat cherry tomatoes, and water the plants along with ourselves.  Inside the house, we wear our capes and play chase, color pictures, and read lots of books.  I love finding Claire’s creations, like the above scene with her friends.

What a kind and happy person she is.

Simple Fun

January 21, 2011

I am really enjoying exploring our new neighborhood on my morning walks.  Finding this tire swing on a planting strip of a side street brought a big smile to my face.  And best of all, it is a really small tire hanging close to the ground.  It reminded me of simple, pure fun.