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Packrat Payday

July 20, 2011

This is just the sort of project that reinforces my rackrat habits!  I was ready for some new pillow coverings to spruce up our outdoors swing.  A friend had given me some extras from her fabric stash back when our sons were in elementary school.  (They are now 30 and 31.)  I remembered she had included some very lovely fabric squares in a variety of blue patterns.  She had acquired them on a trip to France back in the day.  I’ve thinned my fabric stash over the last twenty years, but always made room to save these French fabrics for a special project someday.

Someday arrived, and here is my packrat payoff.


I Can Shrink Anything

January 17, 2011

Who says you can’t shrink a sweater in a front-loader washer?!  I felt bad wrecking my husband’s sweater in our new washing machine.  He was a good sport about it.  I was then happy to cut it up for some projects.  The bottom is going to be an endless scarf.  The collar I am going to fool around with – maybe add some other felted wool pieces to make it a top or a dress.  Perhaps trim it some, embellish it and have it be a scarf/neck covering of sorts.  The sleeves became these wrist warmers.

I’ll be more careful about what I put in our new washer.  Poor Raoul is down one nice sweater, but I’ll have toastier hands.

Silver Bella Wreath

December 1, 2010

So sorry to have been absent from blogland since our move.  Today is our one month anniversary in our new home, and we are feeling settled and really happy here.  At least in the house.  The garage and garden are still on the to do list.  Currently I’m smitten with decorating for the holidays.

Last year when I attended Silver Bella, I took an advent calendar wreath class from the so-talented Pam Garrison.  I got my wreath covered during the class, and did some embroidery on a few of the holly leaves.  There are one for each day of advent.  During our June visit to Texas to spend time with our son Carlos, his wife Casey and not-so-baby-anymore Claire, I had time to embroider the rest of the leaves while our granddaughter napped.  That was a fun gig – I played with her when she was awake, and sewed while she slept.  It was the best summer camp I’ve ever attended! 

Then a couple of days ago, the wreath all came together.  I fired up the glue gun, went with a touch-of-tacky look, and will be finding the best niche to display it in today.

Goodwill Goodness

August 13, 2010

My shopping spree at the Goodwill Outlet near my house came to a whopping total of $3.25! 

There was a brokers’ open house at our home, so I had to skedaddle somewhere.  First stop was getting an oil change for my car.  A responsible errand.  And a chance to start reading the latest issue of Where Women Create.  I realized the Goodwill Outlet was darn close to the car place.  Next thing I knew, I was digging through the bins of clothing.  The black print skirt fits like a dream, and has some stretch to it too.  I’m collecting cream colored wool sweaters to felt (shrink) and fashion into a patchwork throw blanket.  It was even an extra-large size.  And my score of the day – the Free People white skirt with the drapey ruffles.  I’ll cut off the waist band for another something, and dye this charcoal grey.

This kind of shopping is my idea of big fun!

Birthday Brosage

July 30, 2010

I recently created this brosage (brooch + corsage) for my friend Judy R’s birthday.  I started with a vintage gardenia millinery flower, and just started sewing on elements in creams and whites.  Her color palette.  My favorite component is the gauzy stuff – strips torn from a first aid kit gauze bandage roll.  I added a pin back so she can attach it to a purse, or a pillow, or add a tie to it to adorn some element in her house decor.  I can’t wait for my next invite to her lovely and serene home to see how she has used it.