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Seattle Tilth Visit

June 20, 2011

Last Saturday, Raoul and I attended a really informative drip irrigation class at Seattle Tilth.  We got there early so we could take a look around their wonderful demonstration garden.  This hoop structure of hops in a whiskey barrel = good fun and function in the garden.

There are informative signs and displays throughout the garden.

Tomatoes wearing some extra protection from this chilly spring (nearly summer) weather we’ve been having.

Potatoes growing in burlap bags that will be filled with more dirt and grow taller along with the potatoes.

A very clever and efficient pea trellis.  I wish I had saved an extra bike wheel from all my moving purging.

It took me a little while to figure out this was a monster lavender plant!

The community pea patch garden adjacent to the demonstration area.  This is my idea of great entertainment – seeing how everyone creates with their patch of earth.