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Canning Jar Lantern

August 1, 2011

Canning jars are the best.  Sturdy, easy to find and handsome.  Here I’ve added some 20 gauge wire, created lots of little loops done with round-nose pliers, and slathered on the crystal chandelier drops.  A grouping of several of these,  glowing with candle light, would look dazzling for evening entertaining.  A single one used as a vase would be charming inside or outside.  So many possibilities!


Hubcap Garden Edging

July 18, 2011

This was my favorite idea of the day on the recent Georgetown Garden Walk.  It’s absolutely brilliant using the hubcaps as garden bed edging.

The bowling balls look quite zippy as garden edging too.

Here’s another section of the same splendid garden.

The trio of painted bike wheels make a mighty fine garden sculpture.

The tin can lids as shingles on this stylish chicken coop also made my hit parade.

Another bonus of the day was the Georgetown Trailer Park Market was open.  Usually it is full swing on Saturdays.  It’s a collection of vintage trailers set up in a parking lot offering enticing vintage goods.  I am a big fan of the Georgetown neighborhood!

Seattle Tilth Visit

June 20, 2011

Last Saturday, Raoul and I attended a really informative drip irrigation class at Seattle Tilth.  We got there early so we could take a look around their wonderful demonstration garden.  This hoop structure of hops in a whiskey barrel = good fun and function in the garden.

There are informative signs and displays throughout the garden.

Tomatoes wearing some extra protection from this chilly spring (nearly summer) weather we’ve been having.

Potatoes growing in burlap bags that will be filled with more dirt and grow taller along with the potatoes.

A very clever and efficient pea trellis.  I wish I had saved an extra bike wheel from all my moving purging.

It took me a little while to figure out this was a monster lavender plant!

The community pea patch garden adjacent to the demonstration area.  This is my idea of great entertainment – seeing how everyone creates with their patch of earth.

Veggie Garden Update

April 28, 2011

Our new veggie garden is really underway.  The stock tanks are filled with organic soil, and planted with all sorts of interesting vegetables, herbs and seeds.  Two kinds of potatoes are planted in the garbage cans.  Besides waiting for the seeds to germinate, I can’t wait for all that shiny metal to start to simmer down and look more aged.  We are enjoying being able to sit right in the midst of our future harvest.

I planted sugar snap peas around the bases of the rusty plant stand and bar stool.  The grate will hold tromboncino zucchini.  And the plan is that the sugar snaps will be picked by the time the zucchini needs more room.

The head and foot boards of an old metal bed are propping up our raspberry vines.  We’ve reinforced them with some rebar stakes and wire.  We’ll beef them up some more in the future.  I’m embracing the idea of making things better instead of perfect.

Spring Garden Art

April 22, 2011


Spring has sprung enough in the Seattle area for me to start displaying my garden art that isn’t frost-proof.  It’s always a big thrill to see these favorites I’ve created over the years add a little salvage garden style to our outside areas.  Especially this year -making their debut in the new garden!

Salvage Garden Style

February 25, 2011

Please join me at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show on Sunday, Feb. 27 at 3:30 p.m. in the Rainier Room.  I’ll be presenting a fun and fast-paced seminar on Salvage Garden Style.  Lots of ideas, hot tips and pictures of garden styling using salvage, found objects, and really good junk.  From hip and modern gardens to rustic and natural.  Lessons I have learned the hard way, and a couple of chuckles too.