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My $38 Photography Light

March 31, 2011


I am determined to take better photographs!  I’ve got my big girl camera off of the automatic setting.  Thanks Julie!  I also learned so much about photography specific to blogging from the splendid Blogging Your Way course I took from Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring recently.

Our guest bedroom is serving double duty as my new photography studio.  Instead of forking over triple digit bucks to buy a light on a tripod with a reflecting umbrella, I created this assemblage to do the trick.  I was inspired by this really useful post by local food blogger, Matt Wright. 

I started with a vintage floor lamp that had been gutted, which I already owned.  Attached a clip-on light from Lowes ($8) and a genuine light reflecting umbrella from Glazers ($30) with an extra clamp I had on hand.  The darn thing works well!