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Book Larder Excitement

November 18, 2011

I love cookbooks, and I love cocktails!  So this exciting event at Seattle’s new Book Larder provided a very entertaining evening recently.  Author Brad Thomas Parsons was in town to share his wonderful Bitters book.  Now until this past summer, I had no idea what bitters were about.  The cocktail class Raoul and I took at Cuoco changed all that, with one of the recipes for a Manhattan we learned to make.  (I even made my own Lavender Bitters with some organic lavender from our garden not long ago.)  At the Book Larder shindig, we got to sample some amazing bitters concoctions, with flavors ranging from cardamon to chocolate mole.  Brad’s book is a gem of bitters lore, cocktail recipes, and some very intriguing recipes for your own homemade creations.

If you enjoy cooking, please visit the Book Larder for one of the best selection of cookbooks around.  And many of their events are free.  Fun on top of more fun!