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Christmas Charm Swap

December 8, 2011

I look forward to a friend’s special, annual Christmas Charm swap, and had fun putting a little extra zip into my presentation this year.  I used 15 oz. tin cans, wrapped in some strips of Midori paper.  Double-sided tape is my friend, since it hides, and does a fine job of holding the papers in place.  Inside the cans are homemade ornaments and some other goodies for crafting and eating.  No charms!  We’ll share a potluck lunch, and do lots of visiting.  It is a wonderful way to share a day during our holiday season.


Charm Swap Day

August 29, 2011

I am so lucky to be a part of the most wonderful group of charm swapping friends.  We meet every six months to trade charms that we have created or collected with one another.  The group ranges from 20 to 25 women.  We swap helpful hints about jewelry making, share the stories of our charms, and admire the show and tell that appears.  There’s lots of food and lots of joy.  I am usually distracted, and mean to take lots of pictures.  This time, I thankfully handed my camera to Julie.  She took these fabulous shots before she got distracted too!

Charm Swap Fun

March 18, 2011

Twice a year, I host a very fun charm swap for 25 or so friends.  We’ve been enjoying this special tradition since 2007.  Everyone brings 25 hand-crafted charms to trade with everyone else.  The presentations are as terrific as the charms.

After we all select our new beauties, we hear how each charm was created, and share all sorts of jewelry-making hot tips.  Usually the jewelry you wear to this swap gets passed around for show and tell as well.  There’s food and friendship galore.  And when its all over, you have the best pile of new jewelry jewels!