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Mama Knows Her Cocktails Debut

February 13, 2012

I hope your 2012 is off to a tiptop start.  I’ve been busy launching my latest endeavor, Mama Knows Her Cocktails.  I’d be so happy if you would visit my new blog to see what I am doing.  Organic gardening and cooking, thrifted barware, a cocktail bar with industrial style, and delicious cocktails all in one place!

I will be retiring from posting on this blog.  My deepest thanks for supporting my efforts here the last year and a half.

I’m having buckets of fun infusing spirits with herbs and spices, inventing tasty syrups like Thyme, Orange & Pink Peppercorn to liven up cocktails and non-alcoholic sips, and “researching” happy hour hot spots all over Seattle.

Please click Mama Knows Her Cocktails to join in the fun.


Celebrate Organic with PCC

September 18, 2011

We spent a very fun Saturday morning at Oxbow Farm in Duvall.  It was one of the featured farms on PCC’s Celebrate Organic Fall Farm Tour.  Our granddaughter Claire got to climb on a tractor, sample salads and color at PCC’s kids truck, and see tall sunflowers and fields of pumpkins.  The highlight was the seeds house, where the kids got to open pods of beans, pull sunflower seeds out of the dried heads, and best of all – eat popcorn!

RE Store’s 10th Annual Recycled Arts & Fashion Show

January 24, 2011


Call for Recycled Art, Functional Designs or Trash Fashions

The RE Store presents the 10th Annual Recycled Arts & Fashion Show, the Pacific N.W.’s largest sustainable art happening, with four juried galleries, four trash fashion shows, hands-on workshops and more. Gallery partners include Allied Arts of Whatcom County, Western Washington University, New York Fashion Academy, Blowing Sands Gallery, Smith & Vallee Gallery, and The RE Store.

Submit your art, functional designs or trash fashions via the online web form by no later than March 4, 2011:

Learn more about the show and view online galleries from past years: