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Celebrate Organic with PCC

September 18, 2011

We spent a very fun Saturday morning at Oxbow Farm in Duvall.  It was one of the featured farms on PCC’s Celebrate Organic Fall Farm Tour.  Our granddaughter Claire got to climb on a tractor, sample salads and color at PCC’s kids truck, and see tall sunflowers and fields of pumpkins.  The highlight was the seeds house, where the kids got to open pods of beans, pull sunflower seeds out of the dried heads, and best of all – eat popcorn!


Ballard Farmers Market

August 22, 2011

Incredibly beautiful food abounded at the Ballard Farmers Market this last Sunday.

The orange and purple carrots we’ve been growing at home don’t look quite this spectacular, but they are delicious all the same.

Raoul and I got some ideas for new veggies to try growing next year.  Even though our home garden is producing like crazy, we still managed to fill our shopping bag with corn, cheese, olive bread, raspberry cider and dragon’s tongue beans.  The hot, fresh mini-doughnuts we indulged in didn’t last long enough to need any space in our bag!

Lake Union Farm Boat

July 13, 2011

My pal Christie and I visited the Lake Union Farm Boat  recently on the south end of Lake Union in Seattle.  What a charming farmers market!

It is a new farmers market that is held on Thursdays, starting at 11 a.m. 

We enjoyed walking around all the new developments that have been created in this neighborhood.  Our lunch at the Row House Cafe was scrumpious.

And here’s a pic of the beautiful Virginia V, the boat part of the Lake Union Farm Boat.

Decorative Dumpster Day 2011

May 1, 2011

I was glad to accept Ruby Re-Usable’s invitation to participate in Decorative Dumpster Day which is today, May 1.  I had no idea there were so many interesting and good looking dumpsters out there being photographed and appreciated!

You can see eye-catching designs like this one on Ruby’s previous post, and be sure to see what she’s offering for 2011 here.

Please check out these Decorative Dumpster Day participants:

The Visible Trash Society

Everyday Trash

AND here are the links to Ruby’s other bloggy friends that are participating this year (there will be more on the other blogs, too):

Lady Bug Circus, La Joie de Vivre, Beth Evans-Ramos, and Art for Housewives

I don’t have a stash of my own photos of snappy dumpsters yet.  (I certainly am going to be on the lookout for them from here on out!)  But I did find these Italian wallpapered beauties to share.

Wonderful Wednesday

March 30, 2011

Blue canning jars are what is wonderful about my Wednesday.  I’ve been rounding them up from their storage areas, giving them a good bath, and storing pantry supplies in them.  So many shapes, styles and hues of that gorgeous aqua blue.  I have happy pantry shelves.

The Daily GOOD

March 11, 2011

I’ve recently discovered The Daily GOOD, and would like to share it with you too.  It began with our builder and friend, Martha Rose, sending me a link for the above Project:  Take a Picture of Something Repurposed.  Of course I had to look into that because this picture of a cement lightbulb living another life as a wall hook was just my deal.

So I submitted this upcycled creation of mine, a candleholder fashioned from various lamp parts.  Thanks to my talented friend, Julie Sotomura, I had this photo.

The Daily GOOD received a substantial amount of submissions, readers chimed in on their favorites, and this snappy idea  received the most applause.  A really striking lighting assemblage. 

I am enjoying my daily doses of good news from this website!

The $200 Microhouse

February 28, 2011

I really enjoyed this recent article in the New York Times about The $200 Microhouse, and thought you might be intrigued by it as well.  This little number is the Gypsy Junker, designed and constructed by Derek Diedricksen.  I watched a couple of his Tiny Yellow House videos on YouTube, and was quite entertained.  You have got to appreciate a guy that uses the door of a deceased front-load washer for a porthole-like window!

Rain Cisterns

November 22, 2010

We have TWO of these beautiful 1,000 gallon rain cisterns capturing all of the rain run-off from the roof at our new place.

If you have any suggestions for vines to plant around the cisterns, I’d really appreciate hearing your suggestions.  I’m also all ears when it comes to learning more about gravity feed drip irrigation systems.  For the most part, our new garden will have mainly drought tolerant plants.  But Raoul is looking forward to a vegetable garden, and I’ll be bringing along my hydrangea (aka water hogs) babies from our last garden.  (Thanks Melody for babysitting them over the winter.)  So all our “free” rainwater will be put to good use!

Welcome to Our Eco Village

November 19, 2010

Our new green-built home is in a small eco village of four homes creating our own cul de sac.  The centerpiece is this community fire pit.  Our other neighbors are starting to move in, and we are all such kindred spirits.  I see lots of s’mores in my future!

LED Lights in Our Fridge

November 3, 2010

Here’s a great feature of our new Energy Star refrigerator – the interior is lit with LED lights, which emit less heat, contributing to further power savings.  Plus we’ll probably never have to replace them!