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Summer Memory #2

September 8, 2010

It was so worth it to be near the front of the line at the July 2nd Saturdayz Sale, because I was rewarded with this neato-torpedo bag hand-crafted by Bob of JohnBob Cool Junk!


Bird Feeder in Birds and Blooms Mag

August 23, 2010

I am thrilled with how this bird feeder project turned out.  Birds and Blooms magazine offered me an opportunity to create a garden art piece for their popular magazine.  Being a practical person, I wanted the creation to serve a purpose, as well as provide a decorative element.  I am a connoisseur of vintage hubcaps, and knew that this one would be the focal point.  It would look fetching as is, or filled with water or bird seed.

All the components are attached on a threaded rod.  The assembly is pretty darn easy.  The rod slips into a section of pipe, which can be placed in a garden bed or a big potted container.  A floor lamp base can also be a nifty base for your bird feeder to be free standing anywhere.

Birds and Blooms did a fantastic job of styling and photographing my bird feeder!  Love that mossy green background against the metals.  To find out how to make your own bird feeder, please go check out their September issue.


August 16, 2010

Junk-O-Rama was a fun sale last Saturday, hosted by the ever-charming Todd Waddell, owner of Bountiful Home in Edmonds.

Sunny weather and nice people were in attendance.

Terrific things in enticing vignettes were there.

A special treat was meeting Sandra and Todd of Pink Marmalade, and ogling their swell hand-painted signs.

It was a dandy way to spend a Saturday morning!

Fresh Home Magazine

August 9, 2010

The current, summer issue of Fresh Home Magazine features a Bicycle Wheel Organizer I created for The Salvage Studio – Sustainable Home Comforts to Organize, Entertain, and Inspire.  A book I co-authored with Lisa Hilderbrand and Amy Duncan, my former partners of Salvage Studio.  We’ve all moved onto new endeavors, so please check out their blogs to see what they are doing these days.

It’s always great when the book continues to receive some nice recognition.  Thanks Amy for discovering the generous mention in Fresh Home.  And a huge thank you to Fresh Home Magazine for spreading the word about our book.

Junk Masterpiece

July 23, 2010

This is my idea of a junk masterpiece!  I had watched my friend, Lisa R, collect some of these pieces, heard about her vision, and even got to see photographs of her work of art.  But seeing it in person made me realize what a stunning statement it makes.  It is captivating to study and appreciate each component.  It mimics Victorian gingerbread trims.  Only way better.

Absolutely a spectacular creation!