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Canning Jar Lantern

August 1, 2011

Canning jars are the best.  Sturdy, easy to find and handsome.  Here I’ve added some 20 gauge wire, created lots of little loops done with round-nose pliers, and slathered on the crystal chandelier drops.  A grouping of several of these,  glowing with candle light, would look dazzling for evening entertaining.  A single one used as a vase would be charming inside or outside.  So many possibilities!


Ikea Chandeliers

July 25, 2011

I got these two chandeliers from Ikea a couple of years ago, and never found the right use for them inside the house.  Then it finally occurred to me they would look great outside in the garden.  This chandelier is resting atop a hollowed out floor lamp base.  I attached a small section of threaded rod to the lamp fixture, and the threaded rod goes inside the lamp base.

The smaller chandelier simply is balancing on top of a tall candle holder.  The simplest install ever.  Both pieces are adding pockets of sparkle to our shade garden.  And I can see both pieces from inside our house!

Hubcap Garden Edging

July 18, 2011

This was my favorite idea of the day on the recent Georgetown Garden Walk.  It’s absolutely brilliant using the hubcaps as garden bed edging.

The bowling balls look quite zippy as garden edging too.

Here’s another section of the same splendid garden.

The trio of painted bike wheels make a mighty fine garden sculpture.

The tin can lids as shingles on this stylish chicken coop also made my hit parade.

Another bonus of the day was the Georgetown Trailer Park Market was open.  Usually it is full swing on Saturdays.  It’s a collection of vintage trailers set up in a parking lot offering enticing vintage goods.  I am a big fan of the Georgetown neighborhood!

Dang! The Peas Took a Dive

July 15, 2011

The old metal plant stand was doing a tiptop job as a pea trellis until yesterday.

Here’s the plant stand on the left, looking snappy with all those promising pea plants surrounding it.

Even just a few days before, all was looking so promising.  When I took this picture for a status report shot, I didn’t worry about the leaning thing that was going on. 

Here’s a close-up of the plant stand base pulled out of the ground.  No worries – Raoul and I will heave our peas upright, point them closer to our strong fence, and reinforce our plant stand with some rebar stakes.  As a novice veggie gardener, it’s all part of the learning curve.  I’ll use the plant stand for some other more delicate plant when pea season is over.

Live and learn!

Trash Fashion Show

April 18, 2011


The RE Store’s 10th Annual Trash Fashion Show was spectacular!  Raoul and I joined a couple of arty friends, as well as a sold out audience, to ogle over 30 amazing fashions created entirely from recycled materials.  The theme of this show centered on plastic pollution.  The outfits ranged from gorgeous couture styles to the more whimsical.  Each one to be appreciated for the statement it made.  I have no future as a fashion photographer though.  My pictures do not do justice to these incredible designs.  You’ll just have to attend the next Trash Fashion Show to see all the marveous ingenuity and talent with your own eyes.

Paint sample cards.

Loved these shoes on one of the designers.

My $38 Photography Light

March 31, 2011


I am determined to take better photographs!  I’ve got my big girl camera off of the automatic setting.  Thanks Julie!  I also learned so much about photography specific to blogging from the splendid Blogging Your Way course I took from Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring recently.

Our guest bedroom is serving double duty as my new photography studio.  Instead of forking over triple digit bucks to buy a light on a tripod with a reflecting umbrella, I created this assemblage to do the trick.  I was inspired by this really useful post by local food blogger, Matt Wright. 

I started with a vintage floor lamp that had been gutted, which I already owned.  Attached a clip-on light from Lowes ($8) and a genuine light reflecting umbrella from Glazers ($30) with an extra clamp I had on hand.  The darn thing works well!

Pitching Ideas Project

March 9, 2011

Pitching ideas for magazine stories is a collaborative effort I am doing with my talented friend, Julie Sotomura of Photomura.  Talk about one + one = a stronger, more vibrant result! 

It all started when I was staging our previous home for sale using many of my found objects and upcycled projects, like the rusty creations in my blog banner.  The results were so striking that I asked Julie if she would be interested in photographing them, and together we could present them as a variety of story ideas to some national magazines.  Well of course, Julie took it to a higher level with the templates she designed to illustrate each idea.

Then we had a most fun play date transforming ordinary clipboards into fetching frames to present our ideas.  I’ll keep you posted on what results.

I Can Shrink Anything

January 17, 2011

Who says you can’t shrink a sweater in a front-loader washer?!  I felt bad wrecking my husband’s sweater in our new washing machine.  He was a good sport about it.  I was then happy to cut it up for some projects.  The bottom is going to be an endless scarf.  The collar I am going to fool around with – maybe add some other felted wool pieces to make it a top or a dress.  Perhaps trim it some, embellish it and have it be a scarf/neck covering of sorts.  The sleeves became these wrist warmers.

I’ll be more careful about what I put in our new washer.  Poor Raoul is down one nice sweater, but I’ll have toastier hands.

Laundry Basket Holiday Vignette

December 3, 2010

Besides decorating our new home, I now am decorating it for the holidays.  Fun on top of more fun!  My arrangements are simpler, with more organic components.  I still have a soft spot for sentimental family things, and have found room in our small sunroom for my traditional red and green gems.  I’ll show pictures of it one day soon.

In our great room, I created this side table from a vintage laundry basket.  When the sides are folded down, and a glass top added – it makes a sturdy and just-the-right-height table.  And I can’t get enough of a vintage, industrial metal look these days.  The lamp is new – from my friend Lisa’s shop – Elegant Details in Mill Creek.  A couple of hand crafted Santas, a few natural elements, and a vintage wood box from France. 

I hope you are finding some time to enjoy some holiday traditions and activities too!

Summer Memory #3

September 10, 2010

These garden art flowers made from thrift store odds and ends looked so swell in Sue and John’s gorgeous garden!