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Photography Fun

May 5, 2011

One of my favorite days of the month is when I get together with my pal Julie for our skills swapping day.  She teaches me a bunch of new stuff about photography and using my camera.  In return, I am her gardening coach.  After working on taking some action shots, I’ll be more prepared for next year’s RE Store’s Trash Fashion show, and our upcoming visit with our two year-old granddaughter, Claire.

This shot was working on back lighting.  I’m not sure if it’s supposed to have this paint-by-numbers quality, but I’m darn pleased with it all the same.


Tea Bags Transformation

April 4, 2011

Good golly, I even surprised myself with how great this recent experiment turned out!  After being inspired by a hot tip for a nifty bag to hold supplies and tools for photography sessions on the fabulous Heather Bullard’s blog, I high-tailed it to our local Harbor Freight, to get one for myself.  Well they didn’t have the one Heather recommended on hand.  But this little number was on sale for $6.49, and I felt it had sufficient potential to overcome its less than aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

I liked the pockets on the inside.

A large pot of tea (I used 30 bags for quick results.) to the rescue.

Here’s my handsome and sturdy tote for my tripod and other photography accessories.

A Blogland Welcome to Photomura

March 3, 2011

I’ve raved about my friend Julie Sotomura before.  Who doesn’t love a photographer friend that gets in your bathtub to take the most special pictures of your cat!  Now I am excited to share Julie’s gorgeous new blog with you – Photomura.  I’m sure you will be captivated by her joyful pictures.  Please visit it and say hi.

Photographer In Our Bathtub

August 6, 2010

My good friend, Julie Sotomura, is an extraordinary professional photographer.  One of her specialties is pet portraits, and obviously she will do whatever it takes to get an incredible shot!  We recently received sad health news about our beloved kitty, Harry.  As a most thoughtful and compassionate gift, Julie offered to take Harry’s picture.  And wouldn’t you know it, Harry recently decided his favorite place to nap is in our bathtub.

Here’s some action shots of the two of them.

Hank, Harry’s brother, showed up to see what was going on.  He declined an invitation to join them.

Now for Julie’s terrific photos of Handsome Harry.

Please visit Julie’s website, Photomura, to find out more about this talented woman.  We are doing another exciting project together, which I’ll share more about one day soon.  Julie created my blog banner, and took the captivating banner picture of what rests on our piano.  She is an absolute dream to work with.  Julie is smart, artistic, intuitive and truly listens.

And Harry loves her too.