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Serenity in the Spice Drawer

March 29, 2011

Whole Coriander Seeds.  I recently bought some to make Amy Pennington’s Quick Carrot Pickles from her ultra-wonderful book, urban pantry.  There was no good place to fit them into our spice drawer.  I can’t control very much in my life (we are close to having our eleven month anniversary of our former home being still on the market!), but I was going to make this little drawer in my little world all better.  After living in our new house almost five months now, this organizing system for our spices has been darn handy.  Visually, the names of the spices on the bottle tops were sort of hard to read though.

I didn’t want to spend any money for a fix, and it seemed wasteful to get all new matching containers.  I created matching white circle labels from a surplus of name tags and a crafting hole punch.

With a little purging of a few drawer items, there was room for the whole coriander seeds.  And all was right with this little drawer.  The carrot pickles were a big winner too!


Organized Packrat

August 19, 2010

Here’s a few shots of how I organize my loot.  If I could only be attracted to things that would fit in clear jars, I’d be in good shape.  I need to see my supplies, and be able to access them easily.

I used to own lots more paper than this.  Now only my very favorites fill up this old copper pan. 

I still own several lifetimes of ribbon.  There used to be a ribbon annex that filled most of another bookcase.  My progress is my ribbon obsession all fits on this vintage shoe rack now.

Some purging success evidence – empty storage boxes!  That used to be stuffed to the brim.  They will be handy for moving things to our new house.