Christmas Charm Swap

I look forward to a friend’s special, annual Christmas Charm swap, and had fun putting a little extra zip into my presentation this year.  I used 15 oz. tin cans, wrapped in some strips of Midori paper.  Double-sided tape is my friend, since it hides, and does a fine job of holding the papers in place.  Inside the cans are homemade ornaments and some other goodies for crafting and eating.  No charms!  We’ll share a potluck lunch, and do lots of visiting.  It is a wonderful way to share a day during our holiday season.


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4 Responses to “Christmas Charm Swap”

  1. carole Says:

    Sounds fun.

    I recall taking part in a charm swap that you had at another website. It was a lot of fun, though I was the only real outcast, not being able to take part ‘in person’. You were all gracious enough to allow me to play along via the PO. 🙂

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      You are one of the nicest outcasts I know! It was fun to have you participate in that charm swap. I even remember the spiffy black and white charm you created for all of us. Hope your holiday season is the best ever.

  2. Julie Says:

    Wowza! You are the genius Queen of presentation. Simply gorgeous (and great photo too – I like seeing tree in the background).

  3. Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

    Thanks for your kind words about my cans of swapping happiness. And I’m most flattered you liked the photo. My up close vision is still a bit iffy until I get my new prescription in a month. Thank goodness for the automatic setting on my camera!

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