I am a lucky duck.  I am feeling good and grateful for having enough.  It is amazing me how much more time I have to work on the holiday projects that matter the most to me, instead of acquiring more stuff.  I am making lots of food gifts for sharing with our friends and family.  Today’s kitchen activities include butterscotch bourbon sauce, grapefruit bitters and a beeswax coconut oil lip balm.

Cataract surgery has spurred me on to better time management as well.  Raoul and I got all the heavy-lifting-and-bending-over decorating done right before my second eye was done last week.  Seeing our tree with my new eyes is an absolutely incredible gift.  And of course, my favorite ornaments to gaze at are the ones our sons made from popsicle sticks, juice can lids and wrapped yarn back in the day.


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4 Responses to “Enoughness”

  1. Phyllis S Says:

    Loved your story today! It hit on several things dear to me… ‘having enough’ – I believe God has provided me with a never ending supply of ‘just enough’ – now I am just trying to remember I don’t have to ‘stock pile’ it! The comment about your favorite ornament being the ones the kids made. Mine are still 2 that our girls did 30 plus years ago with salt and flour dough and cookie cutters…both crudely painted white with red and green. One is a ghost (now referred to as ‘the ghost of Christmas past’) and the other a chicken – let’s face it, everyone needs a Christmas chicken!) Finally, congrats on the cataract surgery – I’ve decided it is the easiest and most beneficial surgery anyone can have. It changed my world – and just a month ago it changed our blind wire fox terrier’s life, too. He can now see squirrels at the back of our property and loves to go on walks again. A priceless gift for anyone who needs it!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family – thanks for sharing your life with us!

  2. Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

    I really appreciate all your lovely thoughts on my post. Special thanks for sharing your favorite ornaments story. I’m impressed that your children’s masterpieces have such good titles. And I’m happy to hear that your dog can see the squirrels again!

  3. amberrose Says:

    Those are the BEST ornaments ever!!!! All the fancy stuff comes and goes..but the memories of those sweet faces while giving gifts remains!

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