Little Miss Homebody

Embracing a simpler lifestyle agrees with me.  I am darn happy!  It is still sinking in how wonderful it was to have our former big-ass, high maintenance home finally sell a month ago.  I am continuing to downsize my possessions.  I’m still sentimental, and have attached a lot of memories and emotions to so many of our things.  That’s okay.  It’s a process I’ve learned.  And not spending energy and money on acquiring more stuff feels great.  I value spending my time on people instead of things.  My biggest passions these days are organic cooking, some canning, photography and creating a handy and healthy pantry.  (I suspect some of my hoarding instincts are now directed towards food!  But so far, it’s under control.)  My jeans still fit.

Workwise, I am focusing on doing my most favorite endeavors – teaching workshops that involve repurposing somehow, and some public speaking.  Selling ideas and experiences instead of stuff.  I’d be tickled pink to have you join me at Ruffles & Rust Square on November 5 for a Holiday Glass Jar Lantern Class.  See the previous post for all the sign-up info, and a pretty picture of the class project.

Raoul and I have some fun travel adventures on our future calendar.  So the Little Miss Homebody thing will be balanced with plenty of suitcase packing and trips to the airport.

I’m in a good place.  I hope you are as well.


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8 Responses to “Little Miss Homebody”

  1. amberrose Says:

    LOVE being in a good place:)

  2. Eileen Hsu Says:

    Great to know you are finding some new hobbys! we enjoyed your garden vegs and fruit. Looking forward to some exotic lavender or rosemary cocktails.

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      I have my lavender bitters brewing, as well as a rosemary, orange infused vodka. In the fridge are a ginger syrup and a lemon verbena one for two other cocktails to try. We will have cocktails galore to sample during the holidays!

  3. Nia Sayers Says:

    I love happy posts like this! Must be something in the air — all I want to do lately is cook and bake too. Enjoy your happy place!

  4. Cheri @ La Joie de Vivre Says:

    I hear you girlfriend! I am happier than I have been in years, but in my case it is the bliss of leaving behind my big-ass, high-maintenance corporate job! We’ve embraced our new frugality and I’m loving the freedom of my new life. (I keep reminding myself, “do what you love, the money will come.”)

    Domesticity and photography are high on my list of priorities now also. I offer today’s blog post as evidence!

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      Frugality, or living with less, and/or realizing what is enough is such a gift. It sounds like we both have figured out that our time has a much dearer value than our money. I am really cheered to hear about your happiness. Now I’m off to visit your blog!

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