My Loyal Sewing Machine

I am a lucky duck to have a separate room for my studio.  I claimed one corner of it for a permanent sewing station.  Here is my trusty sewing machine from the 1950’s.  It doesn’t do any sexy stitches.  We go forwards, backwards and zig zag.  (Sort of like a well-lived life.)  I’ve been spending the past week fixing up the clothes I already own – shortening hems, repairing and adding zippy little touches.  Mending stuff feels darn good.


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5 Responses to “My Loyal Sewing Machine”

  1. France Geek Says:

    Yes, you’re a lucky duck, Beth. It’s a goal of mine to have a machine, a studio, and the skills to alter my clothes. I’ve been wanting that for years. Enjoy, my friend!

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      Some of the clothes I have been repairing this week are the beautiful handmade nightgowns and camisoles I got at Agnes’ home and at the Avignon brocante. I figure if I layer enough of them on myself, I’ll be able to wear them around Seattle. Even while holding them, I am transported back to Provence!

  2. amberrose Says:

    Old faithful!! She looks perfect:)

  3. carole Says:

    Great machine. They don’t make ’em like that anymore. 🙂

    I had an Elna for a few years. It had belonged to my stepmother, who had the unfortunately habit of oiling the thing every single time she sat down to use it. The machine has so much oil inside that it leaked out all over everything, including the fabric/clothes I was trying to mend/sew. Sadly it would have cost too much to have it cleaned out and refurbished professionally. That was one heavy duty machine that deserved to be fixed and used. Hopefully someone bought it and did just that.

    Hubby bought me a brand new Singer a few years back, more machine that I’ll ever use (I’m not by nature attuned to sewing), but it’s a pretty good basic machine.

    I wish I had you here to help me mend a couple of things. I have a denim skirt and a pair of Dockers, both with zippers that have gone south. The clothing pieces themselves are still in good condition, and I bought the replacement zippers just this week, I’m just afraid to attempt the work. lol

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      The overly-oiled Elna is a funny story. I probably should give my machine a shot of oil one of these days. Now zippers are sort of tricky. Do you have a zipper foot for your Singer? They look like one-half of a regular pressure foot, so you can see what the heck you are sewing on the zipper. My philosophy is to try a repair since I’m not wearing that piece of clothing anyway. And most sewing mishaps you can rip out and start again.

      Thanks for sharing your sewing machine memories!

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