Austin is Amazing

We had a super fun long holiday weekend in Austin visiting our oldest son Carlos, his wife Casey, and their daughter Claire.


We tried on cowboy boots at Allen’s Boots.

What a paradise! 

There is terrific live music everywhere.

This gorgeous live wall was in the flagship Whole Foods Store.  I learned that it began in Austin.

Even their parking strips, fondly referred to as hellstrips in our parts, were stylish.

Here’s some repurposed fun for Grandpa Raoul and Claire, a ride in a choo choo of oil can cars.

A handsome bench outside of Salt Lick Barbeque, where we had a darn tasty meal.

And here’s the star attraction of this visit, our granddaughter Claire.


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6 Responses to “Austin is Amazing”

  1. Phyllis S Says:

    Thanks for sharing a bit of Austin with us. And, that granddaughter, Claire, is an absolute doll!

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      Of course I am totally biased and feel Claire is as cute as cute can be. But I did see total strangers compliment her and those irresistable blond curls. Thanks for dropping by with your nice comment.

  2. Son of Beth Says:

    Where is Burly!!!

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      Burly spent a lot of time hanging out with us in our hotel room. It was way too hot for him to join us on our adventures. Close to 100 degrees everyday, but it was a wonderful, dry heat. I will say he is as adorable as ever – the most handsome pug I know! He would score lots of admiring compliments whenever we walked around the hotel.

  3. amberrose Says:

    Looks like a pretty fun trip!! What a sweet family you have!!

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      I am a proud momma and grandma. I feel really lucky to have a family I love so much. Your family vacation sounded like a big bunch of fun. I’m looking forward to some more pics of it on your blog.

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