Portland Whirlwind Pics

I am back from a whirlwind visit to Portland to play with my best friend from college, Jodee.  I took the train, and really enjoyed the relaxing (and inexpensive) ride.  As much as I am trying to not be a consumer, these chairs created from old tires captured my fancy at Cargo.  I can’t stop thinking about how handsome they are.

I had heard that Portland had a motherlode of food trucks.  I couldn’t believe a city block, surrounded on three sides by these tasty choices.  It was so sad that we were full.  But our lunch of veggie burgers at little big burger was quite worth it.

And in true Portland greenest-style-around, a solar trash compactor.


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3 Responses to “Portland Whirlwind Pics”

  1. amberrose Says:

    YUM!!! Sounds like a fun {short} trip!

  2. Shannon Thompson Says:

    Cargo is one of my favorite stores in Portland. I can spend hours in there. Portland is great.

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      You can always find something to love at Cargo. I still can’t stop thinking about those tire chairs. Usually if I can remember something and still want it a day later, that is significant. Now it’s been a whole week, and I’m still dreaming about those snazzy chairs!

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