Our First Harvest

We have been eating the best salads from our garden for the last couple of weeks.  Everything we planted from seeds just over a month ago (April 23) are going to town  in our stock tanks/raised beds.

We are growing two kinds of potatoes in these garbage cans, and are thrilled they are doing so well.  I am eating my lunch outside in the veggie garden nearly every day.  Even with our less than spring-like weather.

The seeds planted directly in the ground are growing slower, but they are growing.  These sugar snap peas are trying to climb this rescued plant stand.

Next year, we’ll be raising up this section of the garden.  Scooting the bark out of there is on the top of my to do list for later today.  I’ve learned baby slugs are very fond of kale and lovage.  The coffee grounds are helping deter them.  I’m going to add ash from our community fire pit too.  Any other suggestions for organic slug control?  I keep meaning to check on the price of the copper tape to build little fences around these plants.  But I’d need a fair amount.  I’m also trying to pick off the little buggers when I see them.

And thank goodness, the slugs don’t like to shimmy up stock tanks!


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2 Responses to “Our First Harvest”

  1. Julie Says:

    So clever – I LOVE the repurposed plant stand! I hated doing battle with the slugs when I was gardening. I found two things that worked to varying degrees – just like you have the coffee grounds, you can surround the plant with Epsom Salts, which is good for the plant, and the slugs don’t like to crawl over it. The thing is you don’t want to keep putting too much Epsom salts in the soil by the plants. The same with crushed egg shell – just surround the plant – the slugs don’t like to crawl over them, and you CAN keep putting these out – the calcium is good for the soil, but you can’t do “too much”, like you can with the Epsom. People always say a pie tin with beer – the smell attracts them and then they drown – I don’t really know if the smell of the beer attracts them that much, but I found if you put out little shallow pans of water everywhere, every morning, you go out and take out all the dead slugs – they DO get in there, can’t get out and drown. I found this out when I left out a large plant saucer and it rained… also the birds loved it.


    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      Thanks for the great suggestions! I’ll try the pans of water and the egg shells too. I am used to sharing some leaves of our ornamental plants with the slugs. But these baby slugs are way too greedy!

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