The Curious Nest & Friday Fun

I hope you all had a grand Easter weekend.  I sure did.  The fun started on Friday with a play date with friend Caroline.  We decided to visit The Curious Nest, a gem of a shop located just north of Univesity Village in Seattle.

Here’s owner Andrea working on some of her enchanting jewelry while tending shop, and being so warm and welcoming to all of her customers.  Her handsome French husband, Laurent, was in France buying more French antiques!

Besides French antiques, The Curious Nest has a treasure trove of vintage found objects and local art.

An incredible collection of antique French mourning art.  The largest portrait has been named Charlotte.

My favorite pieces are Andrea’s heavenly jewelry creations.  This necklace just makes me swoon!

Caroline and I forced ourselves to say goodbye, and left with a few new souvenirs.  It was on to U Village for lunch and some chatting.  And literally – window shopping/ogling.

Anthropologie’s displays are always fetching.

A close-up and window shot of these great garlands of cork.  I’m feeling more love and less fear with my camera.  I’ll save the pictures of Ravenna Garden’s colorfun/colorful displays for tomorrow.


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4 Responses to “The Curious Nest & Friday Fun”

  1. amberrose Says:

    Oh my what a inspirational post!! I need to get creating!

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      It’s hard for me to sit down inside this time of the year to create. I’ve created two outside sitting/creating areas – one outside my studio door and one right in the middle of our new veggie garden. Maybe when we get a heat wave above 60 degrees again, I can try some jewelry making outside! Otherwise, I’m smitten with creating outside in the dirt.

  2. caroline Says:

    hey beth- great post! it was amazing to see andrea’s super cool shop- i am excited to turn my antique jewelry findings in to something grand. i felt especially holy buying the french religious medals on good friday. thanks for the fun outing on a super springy day here in seattle- lucky us! see you soon! caroline

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      Lucky us indeed. Andrea’s shop and her jewelry talents are truly inspiring. Thanks again for lunch, and being patient with my lack of figuring out time skills. I promise to improve!

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