Trash Fashion Show


The RE Store’s 10th Annual Trash Fashion Show was spectacular!  Raoul and I joined a couple of arty friends, as well as a sold out audience, to ogle over 30 amazing fashions created entirely from recycled materials.  The theme of this show centered on plastic pollution.  The outfits ranged from gorgeous couture styles to the more whimsical.  Each one to be appreciated for the statement it made.  I have no future as a fashion photographer though.  My pictures do not do justice to these incredible designs.  You’ll just have to attend the next Trash Fashion Show to see all the marveous ingenuity and talent with your own eyes.

Paint sample cards.

Loved these shoes on one of the designers.


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12 Responses to “Trash Fashion Show”

  1. jana Says:

    Looks like fun!
    I was just at RESTORE and realized I had missed the show…
    There’s always next year.
    Thanks for the pictures.

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      I am looking forward to next year’s show already! And I’ll have a whole year to practice my photography on moving targets. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a nice comment.

  2. Linda Says:

    All I can say is wow! And what fun this must’ve been…

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      I’m sure you would love this mega-dose of creativity. Your art group could plan a field trip for next year’s show. The venue is on Ballard Avenue, a particularly fun street to explore. With a bounty of great little places to eat too. So many reasons for a ferry ride!

  3. Karen Says:

    Looks like it was a blast! I will have to put that on my calendar for ext year!

  4. Julie Says:

    What a fun time! Your photos are terrific. The sense of movement in some of them really works!

  5. Olympia Dumpster Divers » Blog Archive » Trash Fashion ‘11 Recap Part I Says:

    […] the preview of this show HERE and really nice recaps on Beth Evans-Ramos blog and also La Joie de Vivre (Cheri Kopp) and Face52’s photo […]

  6. Teri Says:

    My daughter made her senior prom dress out of pink bubble wrap…needless to say, she went on to Parson’s School of Design in NYC for college. This was almost 15 years ago.

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      Your daughter sounds like her creativity was/is off the charts! I’d love to see a pic of her pink bubble wrap prom dress. A woman in the trash fashion show audience was sporting a fabulous green bubble wrap cape. You know I’ll be keeping my eye out for large colored bubble wrap pieces for the next while.

  7. Holly Wood Says:

    Love it! but I have to groan when I see these sweet young things thinking they’re so original! My city was having “Trashique” fashion shows more than 30 years ago, and the “Recycle” show has been a huge annual event for 15 yrs or so- Many others in other places, too. But cute… They’re having great creative fun, and the underlying message about the trash we make can’t be re-stated too often.

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