Snappy Raised Veggie Beds

It’s been a big week for deliveries around here.  Our gorgeous stock tanks arrived!  Instant raised veggie beds are what they are.  All I need to do is drill some drainage holes in them.  Snohomish Co-op Farm Supply had great prices and great service.

Equally attractive to my gardening eyes is this 5 yard pile of organic planting mix.  This beautiful manure/compost/sand mix came from Builders Sand and Gravel.  Not so attractive is the task of getting it into those four containers!


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4 Responses to “Snappy Raised Veggie Beds”

  1. gayle hajek Says:

    Those stock tanks are cool! I am in the process of putting in regular wood raised beds (hhmmmm…..maybe I should rethink that???) so I am glad to hear of a good local source of soil for them. I am going to check it out…..thanks!!

    I can’t wait to see these when they are in full production. If we ever get anything other than rain that is!!

  2. Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

    Have fun with your raised beds – whatever material you end up using. It really is about the dirt in the end. And some sunshine!

  3. Karen Says:

    Those tanks are cool. Being in a condo I think they could work for me for veggies.

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      They would be perfect for condo living as they come in all sorts of sizes (round and rectangular) and a variety of sizes. They were easy to drill drainage holes in. I’m loving these tanks!

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