Worm Bin Wonder


To continue with my new Wonderful Wednesday theme, here is our new worm bin all set up for some composting action.  Our new green-built home came with this giant worm bin all set up in the garden.  Our good gardening friend Sue gave us some worms from her stash last week.  I used shredded newspaper for their bedding  as I didn’t have dried leaves or straw on hand.  I didn’t have newspapers either since we started getting our news online.  But another neighbor gladly shared some with us.  Right now we’re adding more fruit and vegetable scraps than our worms are keeping up with.  I welcome any advice on keeping our worms happy.  I figure that lovely shade of aqua on the inside of their home is bound to help!


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2 Responses to “Worm Bin Wonder”

  1. Wormfarming Gal Says:

    Hey! I started working with my worms in a single plastic container. They then multiplied so I bought a big bin. However, the larger bin has entry points where pests can go in. Can you recommend a good and durable bin for me? Thanks! – Michelle

  2. Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

    We are having great results with our worm bin constructed from a section of sewer pipe. Our builder made them. She used really thick wood for the tops and the bottoms. The bottom was cut less than perfectly around the edges to allow for drainage. We did find a slug inside it a few days ago, but it was easy to remove it. Otherwise so far, so good. Sorry I don’t have other types of bins to recommend. I’m looking forward to harvesting our first batch of worm compost in a few months!

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