My 59th Birthday


My 59th birthday was my kind of perfect day.  Raoul and I started at the University District Farmers Market.

So many great local foods are available right now.

Another great sign.

Next stop – Snohomish Co-op Farm Supply to look at their stock tanks, giant galvanized tubs for our raised vegetable garden beds.  Now some birthday girls might want to visit a spa.  I love a good feed store.  We even made some time to say hi to all the baby chicks and ducks. 

I was long overdue to visit Timi and her great shop – Ruffles and Rust Square, also located in Snohomish.  Both were in fine form.  Raoul always enjoys visiting with Timi’s husband Jay.  You can catch glimpses of them through this splendid display.

Fabulousness from My Sweet Savannah.

Such a splendid lampshade.

Our grandpuppy is a pug, so of course, this picture captured my heart.

We finished the day at an art show our friend Dawn was having in the Columbia City neighborhood in Seattle.  Please pop into the Chelsea Deli if you find yourself that way.

I couldn’t have asked for a nicer way to start my 59th year.


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7 Responses to “My 59th Birthday”

  1. Sheila Says:

    Well Happy Birthday!

    Sheila in Oregon

  2. Frenchee le Trip Says:

    Joyeuse Anniversaire, Chère Beth. So nice to be able to follow what you did on your big day. I was in Paris the other day and thought of you when I saw the trees budding their beautiful leaves.

    Wishing you a beautiful year ahead, and a grand trip to France the year after!!

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      I am honored you thought of me while viewing the budding trees in Paris. At least I saw trees with leaves finally on our last trip there. But to see them in spring is still on my to do list. Any season in Paris is fine and dandy with me!

  3. Linda Says:

    Happy Birthday Beth! It sounds like you had a lovely day…

  4. easylifestyles Says:

    Another excellent post thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading your blog very much. Spending time with my family is something I love to do.

    Fun Family Activities

  5. renee roadruck Says:

    belated happy birthday i don’t check, my email often enough luv renee

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