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Veggie Garden Update

April 28, 2011

Our new veggie garden is really underway.  The stock tanks are filled with organic soil, and planted with all sorts of interesting vegetables, herbs and seeds.  Two kinds of potatoes are planted in the garbage cans.  Besides waiting for the seeds to germinate, I can’t wait for all that shiny metal to start to simmer down and look more aged.  We are enjoying being able to sit right in the midst of our future harvest.

I planted sugar snap peas around the bases of the rusty plant stand and bar stool.  The grate will hold tromboncino zucchini.  And the plan is that the sugar snaps will be picked by the time the zucchini needs more room.

The head and foot boards of an old metal bed are propping up our raspberry vines.  We’ve reinforced them with some rebar stakes and wire.  We’ll beef them up some more in the future.  I’m embracing the idea of making things better instead of perfect.


Rollicking Ravenna Gardens Color

April 26, 2011

Doesn’t this planting combination right outside of Ravenna Garden’s door make you giddy?

Happy and vibrant color combinations inside and outside to make you feel chipper!

The Curious Nest & Friday Fun

April 25, 2011

I hope you all had a grand Easter weekend.  I sure did.  The fun started on Friday with a play date with friend Caroline.  We decided to visit The Curious Nest, a gem of a shop located just north of Univesity Village in Seattle.

Here’s owner Andrea working on some of her enchanting jewelry while tending shop, and being so warm and welcoming to all of her customers.  Her handsome French husband, Laurent, was in France buying more French antiques!

Besides French antiques, The Curious Nest has a treasure trove of vintage found objects and local art.

An incredible collection of antique French mourning art.  The largest portrait has been named Charlotte.

My favorite pieces are Andrea’s heavenly jewelry creations.  This necklace just makes me swoon!

Caroline and I forced ourselves to say goodbye, and left with a few new souvenirs.  It was on to U Village for lunch and some chatting.  And literally – window shopping/ogling.

Anthropologie’s displays are always fetching.

A close-up and window shot of these great garlands of cork.  I’m feeling more love and less fear with my camera.  I’ll save the pictures of Ravenna Garden’s colorfun/colorful displays for tomorrow.

Spring Garden Art

April 22, 2011


Spring has sprung enough in the Seattle area for me to start displaying my garden art that isn’t frost-proof.  It’s always a big thrill to see these favorites I’ve created over the years add a little salvage garden style to our outside areas.  Especially this year -making their debut in the new garden!

Wonderful Art Car

April 20, 2011

A really wonderful art car that was parked right in front of the RE Store’s Trash Fashion Show last weekend.

Trash Fashion Show

April 18, 2011


The RE Store’s 10th Annual Trash Fashion Show was spectacular!  Raoul and I joined a couple of arty friends, as well as a sold out audience, to ogle over 30 amazing fashions created entirely from recycled materials.  The theme of this show centered on plastic pollution.  The outfits ranged from gorgeous couture styles to the more whimsical.  Each one to be appreciated for the statement it made.  I have no future as a fashion photographer though.  My pictures do not do justice to these incredible designs.  You’ll just have to attend the next Trash Fashion Show to see all the marveous ingenuity and talent with your own eyes.

Paint sample cards.

Loved these shoes on one of the designers.

Snappy Raised Veggie Beds

April 15, 2011

It’s been a big week for deliveries around here.  Our gorgeous stock tanks arrived!  Instant raised veggie beds are what they are.  All I need to do is drill some drainage holes in them.  Snohomish Co-op Farm Supply had great prices and great service.

Equally attractive to my gardening eyes is this 5 yard pile of organic planting mix.  This beautiful manure/compost/sand mix came from Builders Sand and Gravel.  Not so attractive is the task of getting it into those four containers!

Worm Bin Wonder

April 13, 2011


To continue with my new Wonderful Wednesday theme, here is our new worm bin all set up for some composting action.  Our new green-built home came with this giant worm bin all set up in the garden.  Our good gardening friend Sue gave us some worms from her stash last week.  I used shredded newspaper for their bedding  as I didn’t have dried leaves or straw on hand.  I didn’t have newspapers either since we started getting our news online.  But another neighbor gladly shared some with us.  Right now we’re adding more fruit and vegetable scraps than our worms are keeping up with.  I welcome any advice on keeping our worms happy.  I figure that lovely shade of aqua on the inside of their home is bound to help!

My 59th Birthday

April 11, 2011


My 59th birthday was my kind of perfect day.  Raoul and I started at the University District Farmers Market.

So many great local foods are available right now.

Another great sign.

Next stop – Snohomish Co-op Farm Supply to look at their stock tanks, giant galvanized tubs for our raised vegetable garden beds.  Now some birthday girls might want to visit a spa.  I love a good feed store.  We even made some time to say hi to all the baby chicks and ducks. 

I was long overdue to visit Timi and her great shop – Ruffles and Rust Square, also located in Snohomish.  Both were in fine form.  Raoul always enjoys visiting with Timi’s husband Jay.  You can catch glimpses of them through this splendid display.

Fabulousness from My Sweet Savannah.

Such a splendid lampshade.

Our grandpuppy is a pug, so of course, this picture captured my heart.

We finished the day at an art show our friend Dawn was having in the Columbia City neighborhood in Seattle.  Please pop into the Chelsea Deli if you find yourself that way.

I couldn’t have asked for a nicer way to start my 59th year.

Charm Clusters

April 8, 2011

After a recent charm swap, I got inspired to group some of my charms into clusters.  The combinations were abundant.  And the mechanics super easy – jump rings and safety pins!  Each cluster is topped with a large jumpring or pin to slip onto a chain.  Here’s a sampling of them.