Serenity in the Spice Drawer

Whole Coriander Seeds.  I recently bought some to make Amy Pennington’s Quick Carrot Pickles from her ultra-wonderful book, urban pantry.  There was no good place to fit them into our spice drawer.  I can’t control very much in my life (we are close to having our eleven month anniversary of our former home being still on the market!), but I was going to make this little drawer in my little world all better.  After living in our new house almost five months now, this organizing system for our spices has been darn handy.  Visually, the names of the spices on the bottle tops were sort of hard to read though.

I didn’t want to spend any money for a fix, and it seemed wasteful to get all new matching containers.  I created matching white circle labels from a surplus of name tags and a crafting hole punch.

With a little purging of a few drawer items, there was room for the whole coriander seeds.  And all was right with this little drawer.  The carrot pickles were a big winner too!


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2 Responses to “Serenity in the Spice Drawer”

  1. Frenchee le Trip Says:

    Ooh, Beth, I like this title! And I like even better what’s in your drawer: an ordering of elements. This speaks volumes to me.

    I think there is a legion of us creative types, people who spend time appreciating what is wonderful, yet who push order aside, so we can indulge!

    I’ve learned for myself that to order the panoply, is to truly take advantage. If there’s no order, I just get overwhelmed and it makes it more difficult to actually incorporate these awesome things into my life.

    I’m just going to suggest that serenity is an herb, rather than a spice. What do you think?

  2. Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

    Serenity is more herbal than spicey. Your comment is poetic on several levels. Organizing is such a coping device for me. When I feel overwhelmed about something, I’ve learned to look for something tangible to get some semblance of control over. Thanks for your lovely comment.

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