Salvage Garden Style

Please join me at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show on Sunday, Feb. 27 at 3:30 p.m. in the Rainier Room.  I’ll be presenting a fun and fast-paced seminar on Salvage Garden Style.  Lots of ideas, hot tips and pictures of garden styling using salvage, found objects, and really good junk.  From hip and modern gardens to rustic and natural.  Lessons I have learned the hard way, and a couple of chuckles too.


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10 Responses to “Salvage Garden Style”

  1. MoniQ in WI Says:

    If I still lived in Tacoma, I’d be at your event in a flash! But, I’m back in the Midwest–and struggling to keep my salvaged garden embellishments glued together! Can you offer advice? I’ve made some lovely glass and china doo-dads to place on sticks and catch the sun, hold birdseed, etc. But, they keep coming apart–the cups and bowls and plates won’t stay together. I’ve tried numerous glues, based on recommendations at the local hardware story. But, no permanent sticking! Do you know of one that will do the trick and keep my little salvaged gems together? Thank you!

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      My favorite glue for outdoor garden art projects is Amazing Goop. Look for their Marine formula or Home and Garden one. Most glues are waterproof, but what you really need is UV-resistant. So most likely any marine glues (made for boats and stuff) would work. I know our winters are mild, compared to yours, but I still bring all my china and glass art pieces inside until the chance of freezing has passed. I’d enjoy seeing pictures of what you have created. It’s a lot of fun to decorate our gardens!

      • MoniQ in WI Says:

        Thanks for the advice! I was using one of the “Goops” and I’ll have to check and see which one. All of my summer creations came apart at some glued china joint by the end of the summer….especially where water pooled. (I do bring them inside in the fall–along with my garden border edging of plates and saucers! I have basement full of broken china, waiting for the snow to melt.)

  2. jeannie Says:

    I really wish I could go! I really wanted to go to the show this year. But I have to work. Have fun!

  3. pobept Says:

    Living in Oklahoma, your seminar is out of the question, however, this should not prevent you from sharing some of your ideas in pictures on fun garden ‘junk’.

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      Thanks for the encouragment. My gardening bug is back in full force with this new garden of ours. Good junk is still my friend, so more garden art ideas are coming this blog’s way. Hope your garden is surviving the winter.

  4. Cindy Says:

    Hi Beth,
    I also attended the show on Thursday evening, only had 1 hour to get through it. Maybe that’s why I missed the radiators. Saw the bottle fencing and also loved the plate covers in the pebbles. Wish I could attend your class.


  5. Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

    I missed the plate covers in the pebbles. I’ll look for them tomorrow when I’m there to speak. This is like all the pictures from Ruffles and Rust – I noticed things in the pictures I had missed seeing in person. Thank goodness that we all share our perspectives. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday!

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