The Revolutionary Yardscape

The Revolutionary Yardscape is a terrific book!  I just received it yesterday, and have done a quick scan.  I am excited to read it cover to cover, and start trying some of the projects out in our new garden. 

I am even more excited to meet the author, Matthew Levesque, at the upcoming Northwest Flower and Garden Show, Feb. 23 – 27.  We will be judging the Funky Junk competition at the show, which should be great fun and right up our junk-loving alleys.

Here’s a small excerpt from Matthew’s book:

“Hunting for and gathering materials and then saving them for that perfect project involves some measure of what can best be described as hoarding.  No one sets out to be a hoarder; it just creeps up on you when you’re not paying attention.  As a charter member of the Over-Gatherers and Collectors of North America Society, I know this from experience.” 

Then Matthew goes on to share some really useful advice and wisdom for keeping this tendency organized and under control.

For more information about the seminars given by Matthew, and one by me, please visit The Northwest Flower and Garden Show’s website.



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2 Responses to “The Revolutionary Yardscape”

  1. Matthew Levesque Says:

    Hello Beth, I just spotted this . So glad that we are going to be passing out judgement and parsing out praise together. I am looking forward to meeting you . and thank you for the kind words on the book.

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