Thankful and Excited

2010 has been an amazing year of growth and change.  Raoul and I thinned our possessions by two-thirds.  We moved to a wonderful home that fits our current needs and makes us quite content.  I have changed the focus of my business from selling stuff to selling ideas through teaching, speaking and consulting.  I fit into a smaller pants size and feel most blessed for my good health.  I am really grateful for the strength, support and faith I have received from my family and friends.

I seem to thrive on change, and am looking forward to opening more new doors in the upcoming year.

I wish much health and happiness to all of you as well.


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8 Responses to “Thankful and Excited”

  1. Frenchee le Trip Says:


    It’s been wonderful just being witness to your growth and change this year. Une inspiration! I love that you’ve evolved from selling things to selling ideas. So now. 🙂

    Wishing you both continued joy and success in the new year! (and keep )the inspiration coming, please!)

  2. Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

    Many wishes for joy and success to you as well! And I’m looking forward to another adventure to Provence in 2011!

  3. gladys hanning Says:

    Hi Beth!
    We met at Ruffles & Rust…we were vendors, we so wanted to take your class, but, we ended up busy with sales for several hours! Not complaining…it was a very good thing.
    We hope this year to be able to take one of your classes. Wishing you blessings for the New Year.
    XO Glad & Celia/Junebug Furniture & Design

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      I certainly remember you – the two of you looked absolutely smashing! I’m glad it was such a great show for you and everyone. I would be honored if you found the time to join in one of my next classes at Ruffles and Rust. I had such a terrific time teaching at the last show. And I am really tickled with the projects I have planned for the upcoming one in February. In the meantime, best wishes for much health and happiness in the new year!

  4. wendy john Says:

    what were the main types of items you eliminated during your move? was it art supplies, furniture, books, linens, clothing, WHAT???!!!! i am amazed that you could dump 2/3 of your STUFF and I want to do the same when I return on Jan 5th to Seattle. I have tons of “raw materials” for my collaging and journaling, but i know I need to get rid of other things as well. My 3-ring binders of copies of my lifelong correspondence over the last 40 years? Boxes of my graphic design samples? Old pillows? Please advise! tnaks!

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      I let go of stuff in all of those categories. We lived in a giant house of 6,000 square feet (plenty roomy to take care of my mom and give her a house/full floor within our house, and raise two teenagers plus some of their friends). Big three car garage – all packed with things with memories and potential (salvage and really good junk). Our new house is 2,000 square feet, so we only needed one couch instead of the FOUR that we had, for example. I started selling stuff a year before we moved, traded/ bartered some things for services we needed, and gave lots away to other artist friends. I knew my studio would be the size of a small bedroom in our new house, with some shelves for bigger metal items out in the garage. I pruned and pruned, and identified what items were most meaningful to me now. I feel so free in my new studio because it is so functional. I am not weighted down.

      It is still an on-going process. I have packed all the cupboards and closets in our new home, to the point that they are too full. More letting go is required. And I’ve found I’ve gotten better at purging with all this practice. I question every new acquisition now, so less stuff comes into our home. The hardest part is letting go of things that have survived all of my previous cuts. Now I know how good it feels to live (and take care of) less things – positive reinforcement to keep me on the road to simplicity!

  5. wendy john Says:

    i mean, THANKS!

  6. Wendy John Says:

    I appreciate so much your thorough and thoughtful reply….how you handled your downsizing. My house is only 1000 feet and still feels loaded down, because of the attic and basement! Over the winter I’ll be gradually setting things aside (but WHERE?) for a “garage” (tho I have no garage) sale this spring. That’s a good tip….planning in advance for a goal of STUFF reduction. You had a year; I will have six months. To date, I have culled seven cookbooks…need any? Just kidding!
    Hey it’s a START! Happy new year being less encumbered.

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