My Slightly Tacky Wreath

I have been wanting to make a wreath like this for years – since I was originally inspired by one I saw in a Mary Engelbreit Home Companion magazine – gosh maybe 10 years ago.  I have a penchant for somewhat tacky, plastic holiday decorating elements, and have been adding to my stash of them over the years.  So if I’m still not busy enough getting our new house all set up, and figuring out where to put all our holiday decorations, why not start creating another project?!

This wreath survived the moving purge.

I had bought two cans of Santa Snow and held onto them all these years, for this purpose – to flock my wreath.  So I did.  It is sort of messy stuff, and took forever to dry.  I did like the look.

My stash.

The magazine article suggested attaching everything with wire.  I went with a glue gun for faster results.  I shook my completed wreath a few times to look for loose items, and gave them an extra blast of glue.  I tried to take an ornament off to switch it with something else, and it wouldn’t budge.  So I felt it was good to go.

It was worth the wait.


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15 Responses to “My Slightly Tacky Wreath”

  1. Jeannie Says:

    I covet your stash! And love your wreath! I must save this info so that I can do it myself! Thank you!!!!

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      It’s all about the stash. I had a big pile of stuff, and that wreath just ate it up. Bigger things are better than smalls. Plain ornaments became good fillers, as well as the always-popular plastic poinsettias. Someday when you have a chance to make yours, please send me a pic.

  2. Deb @ Retreat Says:

    ‘Tacky’??? Are ya’ kidding?! That wreath is AWESOME! {I know exactly the issue of MEHC you are referring to, Beth – I was inspired by it, too!}

  3. Frances Johnson Says:

    Amazing! Love it – you’re on fire with creativity!

  4. Amanda@House Revivals Says:

    Adore! I ripped this wreath out of the magazine and stashed in in my “do someday” file. Yours looks just a s good as Mary’s!

  5. Sheila Says:

    Adorable! I would play “I Spy” with it and have my boys find stuff. They’d love it!

  6. Rietta Says:

    I love your wreath! What a fantastic way to use all those treasures! Thanks for sharing

  7. Cheri Says:

    Great idea!

    We agreed to forgo the tree this year – souch work since I insist on having every ornament I have ever owned on it.

    Next year, as we take the tree down, I will allow Peter to cull out all the ornaments he’d prefer not to ever hang on a tree again. You guessed it – they will go into a wreath! Brilliant!

    Here’s a blog post from this past January with photos of some of my hundreds if ornaments…

    Merry Christmas to all

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      I’m not a good Christmas ornament thinner either. I remember the story of each darn ornament. I inherited some lovely old ones from my Mom, but my favorites are the ones my sons made when they were little – popsicle stick stars with macaroni glued on them, juice can lids with glitter. Those go front and center. But I’m glad you’ll be downsizing the tree, and a wreath will be born. Please send me a pic of your masterpiece when it is completed. Happy holidays to you!

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    […] other great ideas for greening your life and particularily your decor.  The Penny Bowling Ball and Slightly Tacky Wreath are personal favourites. LikeBe the first to like this […]

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