French Graters on a Shelf

A book case shelf holds some vintage French finds.  The interesting metal circles are grater attachments – probably for something like a hand-cranked food mill.  They were discovered at Emmaus, which is like a French Goodwill.  We visited the one in Marseille, and I’m still pining for this metal bed.  But the 10 graters and a couple of leather belts were a lot easier to bring home!


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6 Responses to “French Graters on a Shelf”

  1. Timi Says:

    I always love how you use the unexpected. Looks great!

  2. Frances Johnson Says:

    I love your new home! Your Christmas decorations are off the hook!!! Loved the mirror and I really want those mini trees. You’re just loving life!

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      Thanks for all your kind words about our new house and my holiday decorations. I’m glad my joy of living in this wonderful space is radiating out through my blog postings. We really feel good in this place. I hope your holidays are the best ever!

  3. Frenchee le Trip Says:

    You’re so clever. Those trees look terrific! Love it!

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