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Rain Cisterns

November 22, 2010

We have TWO of these beautiful 1,000 gallon rain cisterns capturing all of the rain run-off from the roof at our new place.

If you have any suggestions for vines to plant around the cisterns, I’d really appreciate hearing your suggestions.  I’m also all ears when it comes to learning more about gravity feed drip irrigation systems.  For the most part, our new garden will have mainly drought tolerant plants.  But Raoul is looking forward to a vegetable garden, and I’ll be bringing along my hydrangea (aka water hogs) babies from our last garden.  (Thanks Melody for babysitting them over the winter.)  So all our “free” rainwater will be put to good use!


Welcome to Our Eco Village

November 19, 2010

Our new green-built home is in a small eco village of four homes creating our own cul de sac.  The centerpiece is this community fire pit.  Our other neighbors are starting to move in, and we are all such kindred spirits.  I see lots of s’mores in my future!

Email at Last!

November 16, 2010

Our move went really smoothly, except for our new email transition.  It’s a long and boring story with a happy ending.  My new email address is  If you sent me any email since Nov. 1, it looks like it has vaporized.  Oh well.

We LOVE our new home, and I have been having a blast getting settled!  There’s been loads of schlepping – which is a fine cure for my hoarding tendencies.  And my rewards have been time to organize and decorate – two of my favorite activities.  I promise to post pictures of our new nest soon.

LED Lights in Our Fridge

November 3, 2010

Here’s a great feature of our new Energy Star refrigerator – the interior is lit with LED lights, which emit less heat, contributing to further power savings.  Plus we’ll probably never have to replace them!