Rit Dye & Tea & Lace

I’ve been busy getting my supplies ready for the two jewelry classes I am teaching at Ruffles and Rust on Oct. 23.  One morning this week, I hand-dyed these laces for the Relics and Ribbon Necklace kits.  One  package of Rit Dye (pearl grey) resulted in all these gorgeous hues.

I used a teaspoon of dye in the quart of hot water.  I was pretty proud of myself for thinking about how to make clean-up easy by doing my dipping in the sink.

Then it was on to create cream colored laces.  A bunch of stale teabags in this big glass measuring cup did the trick.

Again, so many pretty variations resulted.

The laces will also be optional components of the Baubles and Bling bracelet class.  There are still a few spaces left in both classes.  Please visit Come Junk With Us for all the details on how to register, shop the show and have a fabulous time!


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2 Responses to “Rit Dye & Tea & Lace”

  1. Teri Says:

    We have an item that we carry now at our shop as we LOVE using it ourselves. It is walnut crystals for dying paper and fabric. Works great! You might want to try it sometime. I’ll mail you some with instructions so you can try it next time. We use it to dye our tags and people are always commenting on it so we decided to purchase in bulk and sell it. Send me your address.

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