Good Garage Fullness

Here’s what we did this last weekend – we started packing for our upcoming move.  And it was really fun!  I’ve always dreaded the moving process before.  This time, Raoul and I are so looking forward to moving into our new home that fits us.  Downsizing makes me happy!  The moving truck shows up in just a few weeks.  We can’t wait.


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2 Responses to “Good Garage Fullness”

  1. Kimberly Taylor Says:

    what an exciting time!!! can’t wait to “tour” your new home when you are settled~
    have a marvelous week,

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      It really is an exciting time. Between packing and other responsible duties, I’m dreaming about where to put our favorite furniture because only the stuff we truly love is getting on that moving truck. I am so inspired to add some industrial French things to the mix after all the splendid things we saw in Provence at the brocantes. I look forward to giving you the deluxe tour!

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