Day Six – Last Day in Aix

Aix had been our handy home base for our week in Provence.  We spent our last day enjoying the weekly market.  Here’s a bounty of beautiful herbs and spices.

So many tempting sausages.

Sandra and another sausage vendor.

A mountain of mushrooms.

It’s the perfect market because besides offering all the fresh foods, there were vintage items for sale, handmade soaps, linens, jewelry and new clothing.  Sorry there are no pictures of that part.  I was doing a bit of shopping instead.  The new, down-sizing Beth had fallen off that wagon for the week!

A little aside – starting the  night before, we had begun our packing.  Everyone bought way more stuff than would easily fit in our suitcases.  It became a community effort.  Our suitcase was big enough for Judy’s architectural piece.  Cathy G and Sandra shared an extra suitcase that had arrived empty.  And this little travel scale we had brought bounced from room to room.

It is surprisingly accurate, and we all ended up with no extra-heavy baggage fees! 

The afternoon activity for our last day was a tour and tasting of absinthe and other specialties of the house at the Liquoristerie.  Pascal is preparing to start our tastings with a marvelous sparkling rose.  This is also the home of the rebirth of absinthe, which we all shared and enjoyed.  You can just see the top part of Pascal and Jill’s kitty, Betty Boop, sitting at the bar with us.

Before long it was time for our farewell dinner together with Jill, our fantastic tour guide, for this incredible week.  Each day was memorable, and the week in Provence absolutely glorious!



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