Day Four – Best Shopping Day of My Life

Day Four – little did I know when we got ready so early, that the brocante shopping experience to come would be so incredible!

We stopped for coffee, pastries and yogurt along the way.  Delish.

Jill is giving us last minute instructions of where and when to hook up with one another again in a couple of hours.

And we’re off!

It was a gigantic venue.  I power-shopped, and still did not see every vendor.

From here on out, I was focused on shopping and not taking pictures.  I got a kick out of these gorgeous seltzer bottles being displayed in a lowly plastic laundry basket.

Many of the displays were very simple – items placed on a blanket on the ground.

When we’d meet up, there would be show and tell.  That huge wooden spool of grey silk cord was one of my favorite finds of the day.

What made this shopping day the best ever was I was surrounded by more vintage French wonderfulness than I could have imagined.  Everything was affordable to downright cheap.  I had to dig through boxes to find the good stuff, which I enjoy.  And I had to use my French, along with hand and body language, and my trusty paper and pen.  I was aware and grateful for each moment, because I knew it would be a while before I’d be lucky enough to experience a place as perfect as this again.


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2 Responses to “Day Four – Best Shopping Day of My Life”

  1. Lisa Ross Says:

    Fabulous & you must have burned off ample calories to use @ lunch! Hopefully Raole was there to help carry your treasures!

  2. Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

    My pants still fit when I got home, and I ate myself silly!

    Raoul not only pushed the shopping cart and took pictures – he helped me negotiate prices with his better-than-mine French.

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