Day Two – Provence Vintage Buying Tour


Our day started with a lovely breakfast at the home of a charming French brocanteuse (antique dealer), Colette (second from the right).  It was a heavenly setting – delicious food – and an absolutely enchanting hostess.  We fell in love with her immediately!

Colette has a little shop in her house.

So many wonderful things, and her prices were most reasonable.

Lucky us, we got to visit inside her home as well.

Her decorating style is divine.

An amazing hat pin collection.

Her collections are stunning.

That is a tiptop assortment of cafe au lait bowls.

Before we knew it, three hours in Colette’s company had flown by.  It was really hard to say good bye to our new friend.  But we consoled ourselves at a consignment shop in Aix that Jill had taken to me before.  More great finds at dirt cheap prices. 

It was time for lunch.

We appreciated this table setting detail.

For our last stop of the day, Jill took us to another of her secret addresses.

The best blue.

Treasures and chickens.

I had learned on my previous trip to this junkers’ wonderland to make a pile of whatever I wanted, and I would be told a price by this sweetie pie that would be a good deal.  Jill in her cute shoes was standing by to do any translating for us.  And indeed, we all received great prices. 

By then I was figuring out how to take videos on our new camera.  Now to figure out how to upload them for the next post!


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