Drinks at the Brocante with Corey Amaro

Following the BEST SHOPPING DAY OF MY LIFE (more to come on that very soon) at a French brocante in Provence, we were given the gift to have drinks with one of my girl crushes – Corey Amaro of Tongue in Cheek!  I have to say our group (left to right:  Judy, Beth, Cathy G, Jill, Corey, Cathy C and Sandra) looks really good in this shot taken in the late afternoon.  Corey had been shopping since 6 a.m. (hard core), and we had been shopping our hearts out by 9 a.m. (still training to be hard core).

Jill Mitchell (wearing the stylish hat) of Le Trip was our tour guide extraordinaire, and waited to share this surprise with our group until this extra special day.

Corey was charming and gracious beyond belief. 

Jill and Corey had first met at a mutual friend’s party.  There was an animated discussion about what they wore at that soiree.

It also amazed me how Corey kept herself so fresh and clean looking after nine hours of shopping a dusty brocante.

We were enchanted.  And absolutely a flutter, when Corey invited us to visit her in the future!

Plus it was pretty hard to keep all eyes on Corey with these two good lookers, Corey’s French Husband, and The Good Husband, my Raoul, at the other end of our table.

Simply put, it was an amazing day!  And we had a week full of them.


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4 Responses to “Drinks at the Brocante with Corey Amaro”

  1. Julie Sotomura Says:

    Talked to Judy this weekend and I am already saving up for next year! So happy that a good time was had by all. xo

  2. Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

    I’m glad Judy is singing the praises of our trip. She and everyone else were really fun and easy to share these adventures with! I’d love to travel with you and Luc.

  3. amberrose Says:

    Oh my! What fun you all had!! I can’t wait to hear more!

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