Charm Swap Fun

Inviting 24 friends over to swap hand-crafted charms with each other is my idea of the perfect morning!  Everyone brings 25 charms they have created, and trades with everyone else in our group.  We have been doing this every six months for three years now, and have set our next swap soiree for 2011 already.

Everyone has their charms displayed on some sort of container, and it is passed from person to person.

Sometimes it takes longer to choose just the right charm from that particular selection, so pile-ups happen.

Poor Debbie has nothing to be selecting because I should be handing things to her, and I’m off taking pictures.

Caroline is also waiting for a plate of goodness to be handed to her.

Now it looks like she sees something extra interesting coming her direction.

Pam looks pleased with whatever she is putting into her stash bag.

Jeannie looks like a happy swapper, and Shari looks a little surprised, but in a good way I’m sure.

Jenifer and Debra are all smiles.

And Linda and Grace gave me great big smiles.

And we were all grinning ear to ear when we got to pick out one of Julie’s fabulous felted cupcake.

After everyone has finished collecting all their new charms, we have the best show and tell ever.  Each person tells a little bit about their creation, questions get asked, and there’s a whole bunch of laughing.   It really was the perfect morning.


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2 Responses to “Charm Swap Fun”

  1. Cindy Pestka Says:

    I was so sad I couldn’t attend the charm swap personally but I am looking forward to seeing my bag o’ treasures. I thought about not peering TOO hard at the photos because I wanted to be surprised when I see them in person…but actually I cheated and enlarged the photos on my computer screen so I COULD see them up close because I couldn’t wait!

  2. Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

    You were missed at the charm swap! But you did make a haul, and everyone really liked the charms you created for us. Julie did a splendid job of relaying your how to instructions, with the nifty visual effects you also provided.

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