Bird Feeder in Birds and Blooms Mag

I am thrilled with how this bird feeder project turned out.  Birds and Blooms magazine offered me an opportunity to create a garden art piece for their popular magazine.  Being a practical person, I wanted the creation to serve a purpose, as well as provide a decorative element.  I am a connoisseur of vintage hubcaps, and knew that this one would be the focal point.  It would look fetching as is, or filled with water or bird seed.

All the components are attached on a threaded rod.  The assembly is pretty darn easy.  The rod slips into a section of pipe, which can be placed in a garden bed or a big potted container.  A floor lamp base can also be a nifty base for your bird feeder to be free standing anywhere.

Birds and Blooms did a fantastic job of styling and photographing my bird feeder!  Love that mossy green background against the metals.  To find out how to make your own bird feeder, please go check out their September issue.


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7 Responses to “Bird Feeder in Birds and Blooms Mag”

  1. Lisa Hilderbrand Says:

    Oh…they did do a beautiful job of styling…Nice job, Beth. It is so great to see it in print.
    Lisa of Lisa’s Little House

  2. Deb @ Retreat Says:

    FABulous job, Miss Beth! What a great idea! {and you know, I think I have some errant hubcaps that I got from your last garage sale around here somewhere… ;0) }

  3. liz Says:

    very cool and beautiful at the same time . . . I just love it!! – liz

  4. Melaine Thompson Says:

    that is sooooo cool Beth!

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