Dicks Goes Deluxe in Recycling

Dicks is one of our favorite local fast food chains.  They have five locations around the Seattle area, and a legion of loyal customers.  Raoul and I were enjoying a fine dining experience there this last weekend.  I’m not sure how long they have had these impressive recycling containers.  But I was so happy when I realized they weren’t regular trash cans.  All their food packaging can go in the compostables containers!   Plus they have pictures of everything that is considered compostable on the side.

So of course I had to hop out of the car with my camera phone to take this picture, and share the news.


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5 Responses to “Dicks Goes Deluxe in Recycling”

  1. Krys Kirkpatrick Says:

    Great. Dicks is a special treat. Cheap but expensive on the old waistline. I am sure they are doing a huge part in recycling because they are always busy.

  2. Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

    You are so right about Dicks’ food being tough on the waistline. Those fries are worth the extra lap of walking around the neighborhood though. When our grown sons fly back to visit us, one will detour to Dicks before he even hits our house!

  3. Lisa Hilderbrand Says:

    Oh Dick’s Deluxe…I love you so. Even more now that I can compost the wrapper! Thanks for the good news, Beth!
    Lisa of Lisa’s Little House

  4. Mary T. Salmon Says:

    Seattle is tops in recycling!

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