Barn House Flea Market

Last Saturday, Raoul and I were out the door at the crack of dawn.  I think it was even pre-crack.  4:30 a.m.  And it was so worth it to be near the front of the line to enter the Barn House Flea Market.  Joe and Jermonne threw one heck of an event.  It was a junker’s heaven – fabulous vendors, charming hosts, a beautiful location, live music and delicious food!  We had such a good time visiting with friends, and making new ones.

I took a few pictures, but mainly spent my time admiring and ogling all the inspiring scenes.  And socializing.  Please visit some of my blogging friends – Melaine at My Sweet Savannah, Cindy at Haley’s Cottage, Deb and Bob at Retreat ,and Kimberly at Mimi Charmante to see their spectacular shots of the day.


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6 Responses to “Barn House Flea Market”

  1. Deb @ Retreat Says:

    Miss Beth, it was a pleasure to see you and your hubby at BarnHouse… your smiling faces always make our day! {And thanks for including a mention of Retreat in your post, you sweet thing!}

  2. le petit cabinet de curiosites Says:

    This barn house looks fantastic, so many treasures in the same place

  3. The Boys of BH Says:

    Howdy Beth! So nice seeing you at our Flea! Thanks so much for the beautiful pix and post on our little show. :o)

    Hope to see you again soon! AND, so sorry for having the wrong link to your site on our blog…getting that corrected right now.

    J & J

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! It was a special treat to see you at your madhouse, love-filled and gorgeous flea market. I am honored to be linked to your blog, and appreciate it very much!


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