Shopping Diet

We finally cancelled our daily newspaper subscription. Even with recycling, all the energy to move that amount of paper around didn’t make sense. I’ve watched my grown children keep up with the news on-line, and I’ve joined them. (I’m still clinging to my beloved monthly magazines with pretty pictures.) So besides checking our Seattle Times on my laptop, I’ve also been checking out the New York Times. Recently, I discovered this captivating story:

Shoppers on a ‘Diet’ Tame the Urge to Buy

There is an entertaining video in the article that I’d recommend watching by one of the co-founders of Six Items or Less.

While doing all this internet surfing, here’s a great quote I ran across from Shirley from Bombay: “I love the idea of living with a little awesomeness than a lot of mundane.”


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2 Responses to “Shopping Diet”

  1. amberrose Says:

    This is a great the idea of a wardrobe diet..seriously..I need to go on one!

    • Beth Evans-Ramos Says:

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I keep pecking away at my wardrobe, but it’s got a long ways to go towards being less that is awesome. I’ve been practicing the more that is mundane part for too long!


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